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So, with some time on my hand I've been doing some reflection.

They say you should do something you love and you will be happy when you work. But what do I love? I've come up with..
1) helping nice people. - This rules out alot of customer service jobs because the people aren't always nice.
2) Celtic music
3) Food
4) Hand on fun Science
5) Sci-fi books, shows, and anime

Not terribly helpful. I think I'd be a good restaurant manager.
I may need some experience there. Anyway, that's just my thoughts. The point being if I want to do something I love I need to make sure I like doing those things above and start to work towards them. Make some new goals in life. I'd love to run a Mucky Duck type place, but I'll settle for a ColdStone store.

May 1st is my sister's Shower in Nederland. So I'll be going down there. I think her graduation is on the 15th. I need to recheck my invitations.

I updated my Amazon list for my birthday coming up, but there's not really too much that I want. I need to find somebody that wants the stuff I have. My comic books and sci-fi/fantasy books need a good home. Washer and dryer and my table and chairs need to be sold, I need to start going through my old boxes and throwing stuff away and giving stuff to Goodwill.

I guess I'll have some kind of game night this weekend. I need to e-mail Eric and Brett and let them know. Probably Saturday night.

I saw Kill Bill 2 the other day. It was interesting and good, but I was hoping for a bit more fighting. I liked the stuff with the Master.
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