Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

My tummy's been bothering me since yesterday when I had some pizza. I don't know what it is, I didn't eat any more of the pizza and ate mostly soup today. Grumpy stomach.

This is what I spent a good chunk of my day watching.

I saw two episodes yesterday with Eve on the couch, and then the one with Puck and the tag team duel today. I must say the tag team duel was a delight to watch, and I got Paige Davis and Ted Allen as celebrity judges to look at as well, which was very good too. Ted's critique of the food was very insightful and helped me understand how the stuff tasted.

Then I got to root for the light blue team on the Trading Spaces finale! They won! Yay! I voted for them several times, I felt sorry for the yellow team and they worked really hard, I wanted them to put half on their card so they would get half the money.
I was wishing that the surprise twist would be Paige offering them a job as designers on Trading Spaces. I would take them over most of the designers anyday.

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