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Humanity returns

I'm starting to feel like a functional Human today. I did some laundry, a bit of vacuuming (although I'm waiting until a more reasonable hour to do the large part of it. 2am vacuuming is probably annoying to my neighbors) and had a belated birthday dinner with Jessica at Carrabba's. After which I promptly had to hit the sack as full tummy plus pain drugs make me sleepy. Taped Angel and just got finished watching it. It looks like they are going to go out with a bang, which is excellent. And in a meaningful battle too, not like the Buffy ending.

Watched the Friends finale and wasn't that impressed, I'm looking foward to Frasier later today. That seems to be ending on a better note with a better plot that they've been moving towards for a while now. I watched the Dateline special too. I forgot what a hottie Daphne was 10 years ago. Much like watching the first seasons of the X-files and seeing a younger Scully.

The pain has lessened so that I can function during the day on mostly tylenol, so that means I can start driving a bit and need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Should my excellent progress continue I will probably be able to attend my sister's graduation in San Marcos this weekend, although I won't be driving.

There's nothing like being in the hospital to make you feel mortal. The good part about this time is I knew what it was and that it would get fixed and get better. It helps. Nobody dies of blood loss nowadays in a hospital unless you've got like 20 holes in you.
Hospital was also reassuring, knowing that if I started up again I was already there. I was there the all day the 4th starting at about 2am. I also got my first ride in an ambulance that Tuesday morning. I must say it was somewhat different than I thought. I thought they would put an IV line in me and do other stuff en route, but they didn't. I was worried about my mom as she was freaking out, but she managaged to get there ok. All told over that 4 day span that I was in ER's in Nederland and here I probably lost about 5-6 pints of blood a good bit of it down into my stomach and then up again. I have no idea what triggered the artery in the back of my nose to go, I really didn't do anything that dramatic or stressful. I blame the cats and my allergies. I will stay the hell away from cats for a few months just in case. I'm also not suppossed to exert myself or bend over for another few weeks.

While I've been healing I've been playing a bit of City of Heroes. It's a superhero MMORPG. I went in with my friend Rilee, and he has the account in his name, but we are sharing the expenses. I play when he's not. It's been pretty good at keeping my interest, although I doubt I'll get my own account. He also bought La Purcell for PS2 (prequel to Disgaea) and I've been playing that while it is on loan to me. He got a new computer so I gave him my older games to play like NWN.

Next week I'll probably start going to classes the placement service is offering on doing resumes and interviewing. Not that I'm looking but those are always good things to know and a refresher course would probably help me when I start looking after grad school. Got my severance check deposited in my bank, so that's gone well. I'm glad I'm still on their insurance with all the crap recently.

All told I'm starting to feel physically and emotionally decent.
Rilee and Eve have been helpful to talk to and depend on, and my mother stayed with me during the worst days in case something happened. It's nice to have a good support network I can depend on.

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