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Everything must Go!

Before I put some of my stuff on Ebay I thought I'd let my friends get a crack at it.
Anyone want this stuff feel free to make me an offer.

I'm getting rid of 2 long file boxes of comics and some RPG books.

Most of them are probably from 1988 - 1993
These long boxes are heavy so they probably cost a ton to ship. I'm guessing around $70 bucks each for shipping.
I'm guessing there are about 1/2 loose, 1/4 bagged, and 1/4 bagged and backed.

In order from titles I probably have the most of to titles I have the least of:

Excalibur 1- 50ish
X-factor, almost the entire run
Psi-force (New Universe) - almost the entire run

New Mutants
The Realm
Forgotten Realms, AD&D, Spelljammer, Dragonlance
Aliens, Aliens v Predator
Spiderman (McFarlane stuff)
Star Trek
Vampire Lestat
Spiderman (McFarlane stuff)

RPG Books -

Each set will cost around $20 to ship.

AD&D Set of 7 Hardback books. Decent condition considering the age. There is a bit of writing on the inside cover of my name and possibly a bit on the inside.
Player's Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide
Unearthed Arcana
Monster Manual I
Monster Manual II
Deities and Demigods - Even if you don't play this is a good reference book.
Fiend Folio.

Shadowrun books

Shadowrun hardback rule book

The rest are softback
Seattle Sourcebook
Paranormal Animals of North America
Street Samurai Catalog
The Grimoire
DM Screen

Shadowrun Modules
Bottled Demon

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