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heh. Had lunch with Eve today at Panera. Not too bad although the bread was a bit bland for my taste. Potato chips came from New Jersey. bah. I still ate them all plus some of Eve's.

She asked me how the anime was last night. It was a Cosplay anime which treated it like a big sport. The story was about the high-school cosplay (costume play - where people dress up as their favorite video game characters and whatnot at conventions) team. I mentioned that it had alot of fan service (boobs and panty shots) and was definately not made here as it had a humorous pedophila sub-plot about one of the girls on the team trying to hit on the little girl constantly. Also an implied lesbian night of passion when said girl tried to sneak into her room and ended up in the school sponsor's room instead.

Back to lunch..
I went to the NTB (National Tire and Battery) next door because they had a big sign in the window saying 'All Goodyear Tires on SALE!'. So I went in there and asked what their price was on some Goodyear Eagle GT's and they said $80 and I said that was a sucky sale price and they said they weren't on sale. I should have been a smart as because my significent look at the sign and raised eyebrow was missed. This after waiting for service.

Went to the doc's office today in the Medical center and got the all clear on the nose. He pulled a bit more stuff out but said it was basically all healed. Since I was in that area and a bit early I decided to hit the Children's Museum since I've never been.
Since I was alone and with no kids they made me give them a picture ID to get in, which made me feel like Michael Jackson.
(see how I went back to the subject?) They had some cool stuff in there including a little news studio with cameras and an anchor desk where you could play newpeople and see yourself on the TV and some interference wheels that were black and white but showed color when you spun them, which I thought was pretty cool.

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