Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Bebop a loo-la

The bedroom has been totally cleaned out. One room down, a few more to go. Did some more packing and cleaning today, ran some errands, had a productive day. I found out I don't need to get a new phone plan, the one I have has Austin in the area. So my phone number won't be changing and I can call from Austin. I couldn't remember if Austin was in the area or not so I ended up borrowing my sister's cell phone a bit while I was in Austin.

I also rested up a bit after my weekend of moving heavy crap around. Yesterday I was limping around like a sore old man.

I never realized how much TV I watched until it was gone. I still have the habit of wanting to sit in front of it while I eat a meal or something, but instead I just go outside and sit a bit for fresh air.

I saw the Riddick movie the other day and I enjoyed it. It was a good popcorn flick, the actors did a good job, and the script was decent. I think the best thing about it was the feel of the place. I felt like I was watching a Warhammer 40K story, the bad guys had such a cool and creepy motif. They were a really scary bunch.
The special effects were just awesome all the way through the movie. The cool Inferno world, the ships and weapons the bad guys had, just very very cool. I'm also glad they used the original priest actor from Pitch Black.

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