Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Ah, wireless at last

So I have finally joined the current century and got a wireless card for my laptop so I can join the other yuppies and surf the internet while I sip my yuppie coffee at Mozart's in Austin. Everybody was sleepy heads today so I headed out in the morning.

Went over to Fry's here in Austin and picked up the one Neal recommended (Linksys WPC54GS), and it seems to work pretty spiffy. Apparently a network cable in the house is frelled, so my desktop will be internet free until it is repaired or something.

They had some nice fireworks at the Ranch last night, and I imagine some more today.
Should be a pretty nice day.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and it was quite hot around 2pm. That was sure one thing I didn't miss about being in an apartment, and that's lawn mowing.
On the plus side, it's a good workout. Who needs a gym with a big lawn on a steep slope!

I made an appointment with an allergist here, so I need to be allergy med free for a week, which will suck. Then I see him on Friday to get poked and prod-ed. Here's hoping they can do something for my severe cat allergy that will allow me to function around them instead of going into my usual zombie like state.

Jumped back in the Match.com pool to see if I can round up a new Austin girlfriend or something. So far, not much luck but I'll see. I think my new strategy needs to be asking out any girl that looks even vaguely interested in me.

I also need to see a dentist while I still have dental insurance.

I'm planning to go to the placement center this week and do their program and training. It's free to me so I might as well take advantage of it.

I'm starting to learn my way around a bit more. I found Fry's without too much problem. There's also a Firestone there that I need to visit to get them to redo my tire alignment. I had them do it before I left but the Mustang is still pulling to the right a bit on the open road.

One of the LJ friends I recently added wants to go see Spider-Man 2 sometime later this week, so I'll probably do that with them. It will be nice to meet new people.

I'm beginning to feel settled into Austin, and I'm about half way unpacked. The moving anxiety is starting to subside, and that's definately a good thing.

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