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Never been called that

So the CatScan place had me down as Sean McClaypot. hehe
Maybe I've sung 'I'm a little tea pot' too many times in my life.
Got allergy tested today and a catscan to boot to make sure my head is all full of good stuff. I'm somewhat surprised on the turnaround on the catscan. I called and had an appointment in 20 minutes, then went there and they got me in and out in about 20 minutes, so I had a catscan an hour from when I tried to get one. Almost like fast food. I should send them a nice letter about their efficency, that is if I don't get a bazillion dollar bill from them.

Took some placement center tests too. They came out a bit differently than I ususally rate from what I can tell. I'm usually an INTJ \ Analyst but seems my people skills have improved a bit so I've moved a bit toward the cheerleader axis.

At Mozart's again, since it would be impossible to do the placement center tests at home. Too many interruptions.
Note to self: The White chocolate macadamia nut cookies suck.

Ate at County Line for lunch, and had a nice talk with the waitress that was in training with her mentor.

She had my level of manual dexterity and balance, which is to say VERY bad.
So I gave her my story of getting fired from waiting because I dropped a pie on somebody's lap to give her hope that even if she sucks at waiting like I did, it's not the end of the world. Only job I ever got fired from, just cause I dropped so much crap and my short term memory is crap as well as my memory for faces.

Oh, and AMAZING RACE last night! Woot! BOMP!

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