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Dating Messages

So I'm sitting around last night trying to figure out if my date had a good time last night and my odds of going out with her again. The date was the Butterfly center at the museum, and then a nice dinner at Pappa's restaurant. All chosen by me after asking her what she's like to do and one of those 'oh I'm never any good picking things to do' sort of answers. So I tell her the plan and she says it sounds good. I'm always wondering in these circumstances if women like spontaneity, but I've tried that before and it didn't work well, it just lead to boring driving around stuff. Unless of course you pre-plan you 'spontaneity' (note: I had to look the word up to make sure I was spelling it right.)and then you're being deceitful, so I don't do that.

So we have 2nd date analysis:
1) Date is slightly late - sincerely apologizes (+1 good sign) She cares about being on time with me.
2) Date doesn't try to stay with me at the center. (-3 bad sign) This is kinda subjective, but she didn't really wait for me to finish reading the stuff before she moved on, kinda like we weren't together.
3) Below average conversation at center (-1 bad sign)
4) Good dinner conversation (+2)
5) Poor eye contact at dinner (-2)
6) End of the night sendoff was a hug and a check presented for the kiss (+0)
7) No verbal mention of another date or that she had a nice time (-4)
Total: -7
Odds of another date: slim to none

Of course that doesn't mean I won't try or that I read everything correctly.

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