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Heard ‘Lie to Me’ on the radio today, which conjured images of Wes on the Angel finale.
Funny how the memory works sometimes.

I’m currently sipping a vanilla bean frappachino waiting for Firestone to finish my oil change and tire alignment. Car’s still been drifiting to the right, even after the alignment in Houston. Luckily these Firestone guys seem pretty cool and should be done in a few hours unlike the 6 hour ordeal I had in Houston before coming up here.

My Austin social life is still on life support, I’ve yet to do anything with anyone outside of my immediate family. I’m trying to stay on the safe side of the line between persistantantly assertive and creephat/needy stalkerish, so it’s also an active battle against my tendency to just fall into a passive isolation.

Austin drivers still rude and aggressive. I mean some guy honked at me for making a left turn into a gas station because he had to wait behind me for a break in traffic for me to turn. Not my fault there’s not a turning lane asshole. On the plus side, it seems the median age in this town is much lower than Houston. Everbody in the service industry looks college age or below.

I may go see some blues at the Oasis tonight, just to get out.

Got my car repaired today. New Ball Joints for the front suspension. Stuff is expensive, almost like I'm still paying monthly car notes but in this case just for repairs and maintanence.

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