Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

I, Robot

I saw I, Robot featuring Wil Smith yesterday at the Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek. We got there kinda late (partly because they didn't have a pre-ordered ticket line so we had to wait in the regular line) so we had to sit towards the front, but it actually wasn't bad seeing the screen sitting on the second row. 
So without spoilers I can say that I enjoyed the movie, it had a decent plot and pretty nifty special effects.  Wil's character Del was decently done and the rest of the cast was alright as well, although no bones about it Wil was the star and carried the flick on his shoulders.  I was a bit disappointed that there is a nude Wil scene in the shower, but when Susan was in the shower we get the foggy door.  Darn that foggy door!

I loved the professor.  He was so cool and enignmatic.  I think he does that very well.  I didn't like him in the Star Trek movie all drunk and gruff and stuff, they should have made him cool like in this one.  I liked the image with the broken bridge as well, and the flashback to why Del doesn't like robots was pretty moving.

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