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So today I had a mildly productive day. Mowed the lawn in the morning, then worked on my resume to send to the MBA program (due tommorrow) and managed to finish that up and send it off. Ordered my new MBA laptop since my current one doesn't meet the specs they need, I'll let mom have it when the new one arrives.
Orientation starts August 9th, so school is fast approaching.

Cable folks came the other day and put in a new ethernet and cable outlet in my room, so I had to rearrange the room to get everything in the new places since they could only put the outlet on the opposite wall from where I had everything. Tommorrow I have a dentist appointment in the morning, a date with A. on Sunday night that may be coffee unless I can talk her into seeing the Harry Potter parody Sunday evening.
I also did a few loads of laundry. My sinus problems flared up a bit today for some odd reason too. Baby Lance has been cranky the last few nights, so mom is keeping him tonight so sis and Neal can get some needed sleep.

I also watched a few episodes of Band of Brothers (I'm up to the middle of Why We Fight) so I'm almost done with that. Watched Celebrity Poker, Queer Eye, and Amazing Race too.

For dinner, we celebrated my grandma's 90th Birthday. We had catfish and Neal's super cheesecake, took pictures and gave her flowers and presents. She enjoyed it quite a bit. Then Neal and Amber took me on a quick tour of the Steiner Ranch ameneties like the common pool, rec center, and lake side picnic area. Very nice all around.

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