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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2004-08-28 21:32
Subject: Baby duty
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Music:Nascar *vrooom*
So I was on baby duty today watching Lance most of the day. Fun day all around, I like spending time with the little guy. He's learned to roll over from his stomach, because he hates being on his stomach so much. Although I love the little fellow I'll spare ya'll from oodles of pics (*cough Wendy cough*).
He's also learned how to grab little rings and things on his playmobile, so he'll grab them and punch them just to watch them move. He loves the lamp in the corner and the ceiling fan. Mr. Lamp and Mr. Fan are his favorite things in the living room, he stares at them for hours and if you move him he scoots to where he can see them again.

I did a bit of homework today as well. I'm also installing WinXp on my desktop, which means I have to reinstall everything I had on there before on WinMe. Lots of work. I am the king of rebooting today. Install, reboot, install, reboot, et. al.

I want to go see Hero at the Alamo sometime. Anyone wanna join moi?
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User: ex_cyanidesg863
Date: 2004-09-03 13:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Sure... 7 or 9:45? Looks like there may be tickets for both... they aren't showing as being soldout online.
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