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Edited to Add: I'll be at the Waterloo near Seton hospital tonight to hear some celtic music if anyone would like to drop in.

Class is coming along. I'm slowly getting in the groove and picking up the pace. Met cutie ladybluespyral for lunch and had an interesting conversation. Found about a good restaurant, a bit of fencing stuff, came to the conclusion I need to go out more.

My sis is getting an AuPair nanny person so I had to meet the screeny lady this evening, seems interesting.
Take care of the munchkin and teach em German, hopefully from Austria, so we'll see how that goes.

Talked to Rilee yesterday, he's doing well all things considered but having a hard time making ends meet.
I wish I was still in Houston to take him out to eat and cheer him up a bit.
I also talked to mom a few days for an hour or so just to check up on her and see how things are going. Frank's doing well in Iraq, but it's pretty crappy over there from what I hear. O'mama's doing well all things considered as well.

I hate Microsoft Outlook, all my appointments need to go on there for business school, but the servers are so slow, plus the only place I can reliably connect is at school. I also need to reset the sync options so I can get information sync-ed up and see where and what I'm supposed to be doing if I can't connect. bah.
On the plus side, I did get a cheap copy of MS XP and Office at the campus software store for about 25 bucks.

Queer Eye was a good way to end the day. The guy was funny, and probably the closest match to me they've had on there, although I'm nowhere near as desperate as he was. I've tried the speed dating thing before and it didn't really work too well for me, I don't think I come off well in a 5 minute interview type setting, but maybe I should try it again sometime.

Deep thought of the day: Time. What's the image you think of time going by quickly or when you're late?
I tend to think time is alot like the wind, it's all around us and pervasive, but you only really feel the pressure when it's rushing by. What's the sound of time? For me, it's the clock bells chiming like Big Ben.

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