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I did some salsa dancing yesterday after school. GoDance had a free lesson I took them up on. I didn't sign up because their class structure made it impossible to miss a lesson and make it up. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have to go to lessons, but I would like to practice Salsa dancing a bit more. It's fun, plus they do it every Sunday at the Oasis near where I live. It may be something to think about if I have a month that's not as busy. maybe in December. Stopped over briefly at Waterloo to hear some celtic music, but I was pretty beat so I headed home soon after to crash.

Today I need to run some errands after school. Mail sis's packages, get a calculator for finance (my old one has decided not to give the correct answers on time value of money stuff for some reason despite repeated attempts to reset it.)
Maybe bob over to the library and pick up Valley of the Dolls to read, although I doubt I'll do that as I'm having to do tons of reading already for school.
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