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I have the Egg Head!

I did manage to land on a challenge team, unfortunately, we're one out of 20 so we only have a slim chance of winning the 3000 first prize. However entry was free and we only have to work a day so I guess it's better chances than the lottery. Plus I am teh Smart so maybe I can dominate my fellows with my l33t accounting skillz.

My group member IK was like litteraly pimping me out to some of his single asian friends. He was seriously like a jewish mother or something. 'He's an accountant! He's got a car, he can take you places! He's a native texan he can teach you about the culture.' hehe.


Pika! Pika! Pikachu Ho! Thunderpokemon to save the day!

I read a metaquote about a Legolas clone vampiric/werewolf/shapeshifting/telepathic/alien who also becomes a pirate. hehe. makes me want to write bad fanfic too.
I've been having an urge to write Nobilis stuff recently I suppose.

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