Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Recent events

So I've been very busy with school lately. It's a ton of work, but I was expecting that. Wrote a 5 page paper Wednesday night, Thursday I did International Business Challenge case where we got a case at noon and then had to present in the morning, so we stayed up all night. Took me awhile to recover from that, and then back to papers. Not that there isn't any downtime. I did play a bit of Phantom Brave, and watched the World Bread Bake Off! last night, although it was fixed. I mean the French team burned their bread, broke display rules, and still came in 4th. Come on. At some point last week I also managed to erase the christening picutures from Amber's camera card, but luckily Neal was able to fix it. Moral of story is the camera card now has a restraing order on me, I'm no longer allowed within 5 feet of it.
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