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Busy Busy Busy.
Midterms are next week and tons of projects and papers due this week. High stress levels abound.
They say these two weeks are the hardest in the whole program, which is good. All downhill after this.

I'm stressed out, but dealing. There's definately signs of overstressed Shaun.
I did want to go all office space on my calculator after I pulled it out of the washing machine.
Needless to say it didn't work after being washed. I'd been looking for that stupid calculator everywhere, and I checked all my pockets
so it must have fallen out in the laundry basket and just got shoveled in there with the towels and stuff.
So frelling angry at myself, that's brand spanking new $30 calculator ruined, and now I have to go get another one.
I've managed to misplace my flashdrive today as well.

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