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Lazy Three Day Weekend

School / Work -
UT now has all my application materials. Yay! Hopefully they will let me into their MBA program so I can get away from work without feeling guilty about abandoning them.
I don't want to be the last one there to turn out the lights. They want everyone to stay through the bad times, but my experience is that work is always, 'What have you done for me lately!' rather than 'Oh, you stayed through the bad times, here is your raise for that now that it's better.'
On a funny note, one of the jobs they wanted me for was for one of my old bosses that left the company. Unfortunately it didn't pay nearly well enough or I would have worked for him in an instant.

Home -
I called the Walden office yesterday to confirm what was wrong with my internet recently. I had found one of my network cables was loose, got that fixed up, but the web server still seemed to be down. The call revealed that they had a router part they were waiting on. It would have been nice of them to send an e-mail about it though. So now hopefully with the fixing of the two above things I'll be online more.
I did get around to doing some housework as well. My allergies kicked in Friday and I was kinda in slow motion that evening and Saturday morning, but I'm back to normal now.
I haven't been in a TV or movie mood. I still haven't watched my taped Farscape or StargateSG1, and I turned down Rilee's offer to see Shanghai Knights.

Gaming -
I got .Hack for the PS2 and I've been wasting some time on that this weekend. The game so far is well worth the money. I'm enjoying it quite a bit and it should satisfy my gaming habit for a few weeks. I must admit that I've had the urge to play some kinda online game lately. Star Wars Galaxies, Eve, and Plantside all look appealing to me. Come out already! I feel like Veruca Salt! I want the it ALL and I want it NOW!

Musical -
Ok, they were playing ads for The Music Man starring Matthew Broderick that's coming on some channel on the radio. Now I like the Music Man and Matthew (especially in his turns in Ferris and Ladyhawke) but I mean I can't imagine a better Music Man than the one with Robert Preston. He's just the perfect Huckster.
And it's not like I'm against remakes either. I had this discussion with my friend Rilee over lunch, he hates remakes of any kind. I don't mind, I actually like the new version of Landslide by the Dixie Chicks more than the Stevie Nicks one. (Don't think this means I know jack about music, because I'm a music idiot.) I also love my copy of Common Threads - Songs of the Eagles performed by other people much more than some of the originals.
So The Music Man with Robert Preston falls into my category of things that are perfect and shouldn't have been remade along with the Audrey Hepburn version of Sabrina and An Affair to Remember.

I've been listening to some good classical music more lately to purge my memories of the bad classical music at the Symphony.
Man, Pogues - Fairytale of New York and Thousands are Sailing are two of the best songs ever.

Food -
Luther's All You Can Eat Ribs is back. Yummy. I've been good and haven't been yet, but I shall go soon. I also had a good meal at Carrabba's today with Rilee. I had the Pollo Gratella which is a grilled chicken breast with asparagus and spinach, and I always have them add mushroom marsala sauce to it. I've got steaks defrosting in the icebox that I need to make some Bourbon Cream sauce for before my little milk carton of cream goes south. Cooking relaxes me, so I should make a nice pleasant evening of it.

Dating -
As of right now, I have no firm dating commitments from anybody.

Man, this is one boring update.

Edit to Add: Simpson's 300th episode on tonight.

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