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I've got a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M, so I've had quite a few business teachers.

Professors Hirst and Tomlinson are the best teachers I've ever had. Their ability to teach the complicated material is outstanding, and I wouldn't hesitate to take another of their courses.
Professors Barua and Damien are good teachers as well, and well suited to their courses.

In contrast, I'm not getting much out of Professor Hartzell's class. He goes far too quickly to follow and learn the concepts he is trying to teach, and he focuses too much on the theory and derivations of the concepts.
I've learned more from the TA and book in this class, and if I was given the option to switch to one of the other professors I'd take it. I won't be taking another class from him.

01860 BA 384T Financial Accounting with Prof. Hirst
01900 BA 385T Financial Management with Prof. Hartzell
01930 BA 386T Statistics with Prof. Damien
01745 BA 380D Microeconomics/Operations with Prof. Tomlinson/ Bagchi
01735 BA 380C Info Tech Management with Prof. Barua

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