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Home Sweet Home

Ah, I finally hung pictures in my bedroom at Casa De Rigney. So now's the time for them to give me the boot, right when I get comfy.
I have the unparalled opportunity to drop a piano on Neal today, so if I have to hit the road today that may well be the reason. :-)

I'm still coughing, I go back to the doc on Thursday. My cough comes and goes, but I'll probably need more medicine. I've never been able to lose a chest cold on my own, so here's hoping this one is the exception to the rule. At this point, I've been sick for almost a full month, so I definately going to bring that up and be aggressive with my request for treatment options. It's all well and good to let people get better on their own, but you wait too long and it becomes a quality of life issue. This last month has sucked due to me being sick, I haven't had much extra time or energy.

Went down to Nederland last weekend for my grand uncle Johnny's funeral. I think my grandfather is the only sibling left now from his family. He had a great life, and everyone was better for knowing him. I hope I leave as much of a legacy. My uncle Father Jim gave a great eulogy, everybody got a bit teary.

Visited both grandma's and all the family that that entailed. I stayed at Motel 8 due to my cold and the fact that my mom has a cat. O'mama is still cranky and miserable as ever, she's definatly becoming more a glass half empty person than she used to be. She has it really good staying with my mom, especially in light of the fact that she's turned mean, but just can't see that.

Saw my dad as well, he's doing well.

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