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Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I'm starting to feel better as my steriods (prescribed mind you) are starting to kick in. Cough, Cough, go away 2 months is much to long for you to stay.

Anyway, taking a nice relaxing day. I'm really didn't want to drive 5 hours home again so soon, and with my grandma sick and my immune system gone to crap from this cold I didn't want to risk picking something up from her and being sick around finals. So I'm having a non-traditional holiday and enjoying my solitude. Not that I didn't have alot of offers for dinners, but alone time is refreshing, and it's what I'm thankful for today. And my steroids, I'm thankful for those too.
I'll probably be HULK SMASH grumpy later because of them too, so being alone also reduces the risk of me getting testy with somebody.

I'll be going home for Christmas break and spending some time down there with family.

I had a nice discussion with JoanJett (go vote for her, she's a Nerve blogger) a few days ago on dating and expectations. I came to the realization that it's always better to overestimate the intelligence and geek saavy of your date than not, and to always be assertive is a good think. I think I'm doing ok on those fronts. She has some of the most pretty blue eyes I've seen. We both like quirky Alamo stuff, so maybe we'll go out and do something sometime in the future.

I have tons of projects due next week, so I'm cranking out stuff this break. I spent most of yesterday helping with our accounting project, today I'll work on Operations, tommorrow Finance, and IT and Stats on the weekend. If I manage to get ahead that would be sweet. I have a whole bunch of games on my Amazon list, so I've held off buying PS2 or computer games so I can concentrate on homework.

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