Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

The Invaders from Space

The invaders from space were coming. Playing their incessant drumbeats to intimidate the populace they marched in formation across the sky, first right, then left, then right again looming ever closer, approaching slowely and tentatively at first, but increasing their pace exponentially as they grew closer to the ground.

Manning the phallic defense turret we wheeled right and left firing straight upward into the sky. Our shots were slow but deadly, but we needed skill to anticipate where the green bastards would be to lead our shots accordingly. Luckily they were predictible. Every now and again one would fire back and we'd have to dodge, but luckily that didn't happen too often. Unfortunately, their ability to take losses seemed legendary. The more I destroyed, the more the waves kept coming. And the mind-numming drumming continued. bump bu bu bu bu bump. Different types in different rows marching down from the sky. Our cause was hopeless, but we would not go gently into that dark night.

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