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One Semester Down

So I'm all done with classes but the tests and remaining papers. I must say I enjoyed the ride this semester, and I learned a great deal.
Strangely enough, I'm not yet stressed out with the approaching tests. I feel confident of my knowledge of the material, which is rare and probably won't last
past today. I'd really have to not show up to a final to make a C in any of my classes, so even if I don't do well I still have a B, which means the stress is off.
Another big difference is I know alot of the people in my class, and I feel like a part of the group of classmates. Which is a new thing for such a large group.
It's just a small thing, but somebody coming over to see how I'm doing or share a common interest is nice. I suppose it means my goal of being more social has been reached.

The last few weeks I've taken time to go out and do stuff, so I'm a little less stressed out because of that. Whether is was a few minutes of blues, or a quick coffee chat with a quirky new
friend, or just tickling Lance for a bit and watching him giggle it's all good. I did miss Carson's thing last night. I wonder how that went?

Oh, and speaking of doing stuff, the Alamo is having a Buffy! Sing-a-long later this month. Kinda a Rocky Horror but to Once More With Feeling! That should be fun.
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