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Oh, I'm the Baby Merchant, Tot's R Us, No big hassle, no big fuss - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2004-12-08 09:41
Subject: Oh, I'm the Baby Merchant, Tot's R Us, No big hassle, no big fuss
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So while waiting for Letterman to come on last night I flipped through the guide to see what was on. On Trio was Cop Rock, as part of their Brilliant but Cancelled series. I always wanted to check this series out, but it was cancelled pretty fast so I tuned in. So looks like the typical cop show but with really really bad hair. Cop talk, banter, etc. Oh, and then arrested girl breaks into her song while being fingerprinted, and it actually isn't bad. Other than the fact that it is way way too long. Then they lock her in the supply closet/holding cell which is basically just a little fenced in area. But that apparently is enough for her because she quits her song even though she could continue tortuing the whole station through the fence all day long. Not too shabby. More cop banter, dead guys, crime scene, diet jokes, then the big number. The two undercover cops, Poor Man's Jennifer Gray Post Nose Job, and generic Joe go to meet with some kind of underground baby dealer/smuggler. Who looks shady. I mean he just oozes shady, from his wardrobe which looks like it came from Marty McFly with a blue jacket instead of his orange one, to his hawkish features and beady little eyes. He lurks, he skulks, he chews scenery mightily, he acts like he's the Grinch in a live action movie adapation. And he says he has to keep a low profile.... and then he breaks into song. The baby merchant song. Oh my god. It was the funniest song I ever heard, and not intentionally. This guy really sells it. At one point he does the Church Lady superior dance behind the guys when they agree to buy the baby. Amber and I were literally laughing so hard we couldn't breath, and tears were coming down our eyes. Neal actually checked from upstairs to see what was up, that's how much we were rolling on the floor.
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