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Up to No Good

So I've actually been able to go out a bit, and I've been making the most of the opportunity. Thursday I checked out 37 1/2 street, which is a wacky decorated street, here in Austin with a group. Bush on a throne of beer cans all lit up with christmas lights, a volcano house that spews smoke and lava every 3 minutes, and a cool holodeck looking house. Last night I saw the Buffy Musical Sing-Along at the Alamo, which totally rocked. Also spent a good portion of the night at B.D. Riley's Irish Pub listening to some rocking celtic music. On the down side Misty called in sick at the last minute (flaky) so I went alone to both. Dancing involved alot of hopping about. Tongith I'm hitting the dance floor again at Cool River. Should be good fun.

Katamari Damacy await my playing pleasure, I went out and bought it for myself, and today I shall learn the joys of balls of stuff.

Last night I had a dream I was a rookie police officer for some odd reason. It was like a detective show, I found out who the bad guy was but he was connected so no help from anybody on the force. So we had to encact this elaborate Scooby trap to catch him in the act of nefarious activities on tape. What that means I don't know except I've been watching too much CSI and crap like that.

I've also been reading brandonq . Nobilis site and it has gotten my creative juices flowing. I've been wanting to do some more writing recently, so maybe I'll see if he needs a co GM or minds if I write some mini-scene threads.

I miss boardgame nighst with my friends in Houston. Anybody in Austin interested in playing boardgames or maybe forming a pub trivia team? I need to get some gaming fixes.

I was hoping to see the Sinus X-mas show but it's all sold out. drat and double drat.

I've booked a Vegas vacation for early next year before school starts. I was looking at the show flyer and the cover story is the new topless vampire musical number called 'Bite!' God, I love Vegas.


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