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Nobilis Stuff

I've been working out characters and background for B's online Nobilis game and I've come up with the follwing, which I think is rather cool. So I thought I'd share it if you care about that kind of thing. Nobilis is a game where you play Powers protecting concepts from being erased from Reality. Kinda like The Endless in Sandman.

Little is known about the Imperator called the Unseen Hand whose most prominent and well known act was the rescue of Magic when his Imperator was mortally wounded.
As befits her title, nobody has ever seen her either. So much a part of her nature is stealth and anonymity that the members of this family don’t know much about her either, nor whom their other family members are or where their chancel is if they even have one.
Rylenor and Ricky are aware they are in the same family, and have met Tim.

Familial traits:
Anonymity: Members of the family have found that although they might want to, they can’t speak or otherwise communicate information about their family or Imperator. Nor can they be coerced or forced to.
Upon enNoblement, their name and the ‘paper trail’ of their lives disappear, although those that knew them in life retain their knowledge of everything but their names.

Harvest: Ricky and Rylenor both have to gather the applause of a theatre full of people at least once a month, while Timmy and Anon have to gather the scorn of a few hundred folks monthly. Currently with all the flame wars on the internet, Anon been handling the job with ease so Timmy hasn’t really been involved.

Rylenor O’Connor, Power of Puppetry

Aspect 4 MPs: 5 12pts
Domain 4 MPs: 5 09pts
Spirit 1 MPs: 5 03pts
Realm 0 MPs: 5 00pts

Chancel: Open
Age/Gender: 31, Male
Looks: Rylenor generally appears as a jovial, bald man dressed in leather overalls with a toolbelt over a denim shirt and jeans. He retains the demeanor of a simple craftsman. He has an easy smile, and cracks jokes and sarcasm with his friends, but is still a bit uneasy in upper society, a fact he forgets to mask occasionally.

Rylenor was a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, the master carpenter of the Julie Rogers theatre in the 1990’s. As a small theatre, he often got to do most of the work building sets and setting up lights and sound, as well as being the understudy for several of the smaller parts. Single and happy at his job, he did a quite a bit of traveling with touring productions in the off-season for the theatre. If he wasn’t working, you’d still likely find him at the theatre, drinking beer and playing cards with his friends and a cute actress or two. He was working hard to do more work in front of the stage, taking acting classes and learning from the other actors.
That is, until his Imperial took a liking to his performance of Frisby, the plush loveable rogue puppet in the children’s play ‘Wembly takes a Holiday’. In the ensuing ennoblement, Rylenor lost his original first name for some unknown reason. He picked the new one himself.

Since his ennoblement he’s been living his dream of being on stage and loves to perform.
He took a vested interested in Froggle Cave Productions who owned Wembly and made it his own company, successfully steering it to record profits with three commercial hits.
Things were going well until Christmas time of 1999, when in response to Rylenor taking more control over remote control toys, the Power of Toys retaliated. Eighteen people died in a riot at the Froogle Cave Store over the lack of Tickle-Me Wembly’s when it was promised that everyone would get one. Included in the toll was Wembly Voice-Actor Tom Marsh, and master puppeteer Bobby Gerlee who were on hand for the grand opening. That riot, combined with the recall and fact that the nose being incorrectly sewed on and prone to fall off, resulting in choking to death three children led the company to declare bankruptcy. As a result of the battle between Toys and him, Rylenor now has a secondary domain of ‘Toys based on puppets’ to prevent this from happening again.

Domain: Puppetry
Rylenor has power over puppetry, puppets, animatronics, and things with remote control more complicated than a simple on/off switch. He is the power that brings delight and edutainment to children when Sesame Street comes on, the power that lets the dinosaurs roar at you at Universal Tours, and the power lets little rovers be guided from crater to crater to explore far off planets. His power enables people to transfer their talents and skills to make inanimate objects to perform, have personalities, and carry out their dreams.

- Sovereign’s Gift (Local) 1 pt.
- Flight (1pt) with revelatory nature. When Rylenor flies he appears hoisted into the air by puppet strings.
- Backstage Pass (1pt) – Rylenor can move from any backstage area to any other in the world.

Code: Performer’s Code
1. Humanity must live, and live forever. Creation needs an audience.
2. What must be done ought to be done stylishly.
3. Give in kind with a gift received. A good performance deserves applause.

Limits and Handicaps:
- Revelatory nature when flying. When Rylenor flies he appears hoisted into the air by puppet strings.
- Restriction – Respectful/Protective of Children
- Restriction – Ceremonial – Rylenor must attend the Premier of any movie, musical, or major play that features puppets.
- Restriction -- Summonable – 1pt for the simple summoning, and 2pts for the version in which a life size puppet is made of him, suspended with string and he replaces it in the summoning. Those strings holding him are unbreakable by him and he can be held indefinitely.

Anchors: Rylenor has no current anchors.


The sanctity of his Estate: ****
Frisby ****
- Frisby is a animated, wisecracking, purple dragon puppet that is Rylenor’s constant companion, usually found perched on his shoulder. He makes a point to stay within 5 feet of Rylenor for good reasons. (Think Figment from Epcot, or Lockheed from Marvel Comics)
Chance Patterson ***
- Chance Patterson was a 6 year old that was about to be kidnapped from his home when he said a prayer to his white knight puppet to save him. Rylenor answered and now keeps an eye on him
Sesame Street ***
The Julie Rogers Theatre ***
Broadway **
The Century Tree **
- The Century Tree is a 100+ year old oak near the Julie Rogers Theatre that Rylenor used to play in as a child. He still goes there to think occasionally.
His father’s Flag *
- Rylenor’s father died when he was 12, he was an Airforce military man and he received a military funeral. The American flag from the funeral is special to Rylenor.
Space Exploration *
Rylenor used to watch the shuttle launches with his old man.

Power of Toys – Enemy


- Rylenor is said to be looking for a way to undue the damage done to Froogle Cave Productions and Wembly’s image.
- It has also been rumored that the incident was retaliation for Rylenor’s workings against those who serve the Code of the Dark.
- Some say that Rylenor’s original name must have some power over him.

Anon, Power of Anonymity

Anon isn’t often seen or heard, but those that act against the estate of Anonymity know that there is an intelligent force defending it. Maybe you’ve seen him and don’t even know it. Either a shapeshifter, or a spirit that must possess hosts to act, those that have seen him twice or more report that he’s looked different each time.
Noteable traits: Strong Unblemished Guise, High Spirit
Roleplaying archetype: Deep Throat, Cigarette-Smoking Man in X-files

Timmothy Tucker, Power of Stealth

Tim is the world’s greatest 8 year old ninja. He didn’t learn his skills by studying the secret arts in Asia, but rather by watching countless cartoons and playing video games.
Other than that he’s a typical 8 year old, but don’t let that fool you. Those that have underestimated him have quickly learned that he’s no pushover after finding all their stuff stolen, daggers and shurikens sticking out of their backs from nowhere and their houses on the wrong end of the gunbarrels of a squad of stealth fighters.
Noteable traits: ability to summon the Shadowkahn, a small squad of ninjas made of Shadow to do his bidding. (see Jackie Chan Adventures), always dressed as a ninja.
Roleplaying hints: Energetic, quick to act with minions yet cautious personally. High propensity to sneak up on people and yell ‘Boo!’
Anchor: Animated G.I. Joe character SnakeEyes.

Ricky Jay, Baron of Magic, servant of the Wild.

A magician and actor, he knows the Hollywood scene like the back of a bicycle card. He can throw playing cards almost 200 feet and embed them in watermelons at 10 paces. He prefers small scale tricks, slight of hand for a small audience only a foot or two away from the illusion. He is also a character actor, not terribly well known outside of Hollywood, but well known enough that he can slip into the scene.

Ricky is the Power of Magic, but not the magic of wizards and warlocks, not the magic of ages past. He is the little magic that remains in this estate. As such he understands his domain to be misdirection and illusion, and he has limited control over it. Instead he has a Fabled Gift for slight of hand.

The Baron is personable, if a little dry in his wit. He appreciates anyone with a love of the industry, and show buisiness in general.

Roleplaying Traits: Graceful, Overweight, Confident, Roguish


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