Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

If the shoe fits…

So after work Friday I went to the Mucky Duck and picked up some concert tickets. I had forgotten my tennis shoes at home for the fencing class, so I thought I'd just go buy another pair at Academy since I was right there and could use a new pair anyway. This was around 5:45pm. The plain jane tennis shoes I usually buy were there, but the soles were very strange so I passed on those and started trying on mid-range pairs. I have in my head I'm around a size 10 1/2 to 11, but either my feet have grown or my memory is bad. I ended up having to try on 11 to 12's for most shoes, and ended up with a pair of 12's. The sizes seemed to vary from not only manufacturer to manufacturer but from type of shoe to type of shoe. I got out of there around 7:45pm so needless to say I didn't make my 7pm fencing class.
When I go into a store to get something, I will find something that works if they have selection.

On Saturday my sister came down for a visit and we ate at Taste of Texas. We went there, put our names on the list around 6:20 and were given an hour to an hour and a half estimate, which was good because we used that time to go to IKEA and return some plates my sister had bought. We got back around 7:20 and had to wait about twenty more minutes. The waiting at Taste of Texas isn't that bad because they have a little waiting bar area where they give you free soft drinks, popcorn, chips and salsa, and even a little cheese tray. It was very crowded in there. I told my sister that the waiting room there is like the best sports bar in town if it isn't crowded.

Sunday I took a walk because it was a beautiful day. I walked to Walgreens a few blocks to get some more Claritin and they had moved it across the street.
I stopped at 75% OFF BOOKS on the way and ended up with a cheap Niven novel. Later that evening Riley invited me out to see Shanghai Knights, so I took him up on it and it was a pretty good flick. Since I'm naturally pretty anti-social I try to do things when people invite me. Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson bloopers are very funny.

I'm going to Fencing tonight at Rice University. My first time to try to find it, but Brett said he'll be available if I have trouble.

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