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Phone Post: Close encounters of the porn kind.

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This is Shaun.

Just got out of the Penn and Teller show.

Absolutely great show!

And they're nice guys.They let us, everybody take pictures with them, after the show. So, now I have a picture with Penn and Teller.


Gues who was sitting two rows behind me??**laughs**

It was a..Ron Jeremy! The PORN star!

So every body kept, all the people took pictures with him too on thier way out.**laughs** It was pretty funny.


So that is what I have been up to today. That and wandering around and looking at the casinos.

Yesterday I was, uh, at the Hilton doing the Hilton stuff where I'm staying-the Star Trek experience.

Took a ride on the Borg experience which was kind of like a haunted house, the first part, where the crew members try to protect you from the Borg and the Borg keep grabbing them and dragging them back through walls and stuff like that. And that was real fun.

And then the Klingon encounter which you get in and it's one of those motion star tour kind of rides.

Shook me like a polaroid picture, 'till I thought I was going to hurl and just reinforces my belief that I am too old to go on the heavy duty tilt-a-whirl type of rides anymore.

My stomach just can't handle it. But it was, it was fun too.So.

Having a blast here in Vegas.

I'm at the Rio. I saw a bunch or carnival stuff. They had like a carnival parade at 7 o'clock.

I walked my ass over here and then found out there was a shuttle available from Harrah's. Which it doesn't look that far but scale is deceptive in Vegas.

All the casinos look like they are just down a block and it turns into miles and miles and miles.

So yeah, I'm gonna take the shuttle back and not walk my ass over I-the freeway again 'bout a mile and a half.

So if I had know know there was a shuttle from Harrahs to begin with but that is what I get for being a dumb ass and not asking around.

Everything else is going alright! I will continue to enjoy my Vegas vacation.”

Transcribed by: veve

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