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Um. Ow

So Lance has decided he likes yanking on my arm hair when I'm holding him. And he's now crawling and mobile so you have to watch him a bit more or off he'll go.
My classes are interesting. The professors in this semester are very cold cally. I feel like I'm in the Paperchase. So looks like I've got to prep more for class.

Need to put in some papers for a summer intern job with the national park service, and board of directors for the co-op.
Oh, and I need to do some food stuff like see if Chez Zee wants to host a desert night for my student culinary group.

Played more trivia last night, got a few right but I'm definately not the star or the team. Had chicken wings.
My sleep schedule is getting a bit better so just goes to show a regular schedule will straighten you out in no time flat.

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