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Congrats to veve on winning Employee of the Year

I'm not sure what she got, maybe a plaque, but I'm sure she did not get a cheese log.

I've started watching my loaner Dead Like Me DVD set.

- Random thoughts -

I've been sick earlier in this week but I'm feeling a bit better today.
School is a bitch.
Queer Eye for the Straight Girl not terribly interesting.
The weather is nice.
Should I get tickets to the Mardi Gras party in Palmer here in Austin?
I need to quit looking at Forumopolis and go to Televison without Pity more probably to find more interesting reading. All the interesting folk are getting banned and/or leaving.
I think I'll go to New Orleans for spring break.
There's some volunteer opportunities for Reading for the Blind and Austin Arts festival but I worry about
putting too much on my plate and burning out.

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