Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend recap

Saturday was an exciting day, as I headed out to Kreuz Barbeque in Lockhart, Texas. A short 45 minute drive away brought me to this huge barn-like structure with a huge dining hall inside. At the back the pits were going like bellows, making me think it was a dining hall Beowulf could be proud of. I got a few pounds of ribs that were divine, but the quirks of the place took getting used to. No BBQ Sauce, no forks, no plates. The large wooden tables were totally gorgeous, and we later learned that it was because years of BBQ grease made them nice and shiny. So I ate, drank, and was merry, and then went home for a nap.

I went to a singles mixer party at the school, and met some nice folks. One date lead I'll persue later. I began to come down with a cold though, and by the end of the party I had a hard time walking back to my car. I ended up collapsing shivering with fever when I got home and felt miserable the rest of the night and most of Sunday. I'm a bit better now, but my head still hurts a bit.
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