Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Spring Break plans

So I've somewhat made final plans for my spring break. I shall be visiting New Orleans for St. Patrick's Day, and also get to see my dad to boot. So hopefully I'll have some fun at O'Flahertey's. I also need to check them out to see what kind of summer tours they offer. If I don't get a summer internship, I may do some travelling and sight-seeing.

I'll probably not take a PLUS (2 wk joint corporate-mini internship type) project for plus just so I can catch up on my school work, as I've taken too heavy a load this semester with the evil Doggett class taking like 15hrs a week of work.

I also need to contact a financial aid office to find out how getting a dispursemtent from your IRA for education works tax-wise. Do they take out taxes in advance and then give them back later when you do your taxes, or can you fill out a form and get the tax free dispurse
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