Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Once again.. the week in review

At least I'm somewhat consistant with my post weekend updates.

School is still difficult. What else is new? I could get one of those auto journal generators to generate the typical school work crap blah post. Cute chinese girl just talked to me from the global class, but I couldn't remember her name. I keep thinking it's Luna, but I hope I'm not getting that from playing too many RPG. She could probably belt out the boat song ok. Must remember to not stare at girls breasts when they are scantily dressed. Eyes up!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, so I went walking a bit. Very pretty. I had soup and salad at Olive Garden. Very tasty as well, and good for me to get salad to boot. I've been very tired this past week, probably stress and allergies combining to make me a sleepy groggy man, so I've spent way to much time sleeping. I think it helped getting over my cold though, as I don't feel as sick this week. I got to play with Lance alot yesterday. Mom came in for the weekend and we went to IHOP for brunch, then she headed off and I went with the family to shop as Sams. I looked at the big and tall store for clothes. I like the George Foreman collection, especially since the clothes have special 'give' stuff to make them comfortable for folks like me, who have shirts that fit but we can't button the top button without suffocating, or have to have big baggy shirts to compensate. They are still like $50 bucks a pop though, so I'm waiting for them to go down in price a bit before I buy them. Maybe they'll send me a nifty coupon.

Watched Extreme Home Makeover last night as well. Absolutely goregous castle/house was built by the Beezer folks for the new family. I want! My house, my precioussss. Grey stone walls and a drive thorough driveway to a little courtyard, a huge garage, a big patio with an outdoor fireplace. Sweet all around, although I didn't like the theme for the rooms this week. I think living in a room with a heart theme is kinda creepy. I mean, not the Valentines hearts, but aortas, veins, and stuff for those that don't watch.

I saw Constantine on Saturday with a friend. Pretty good popcorn flick, not a magnum opus of film to be sure, but entertaining enough for the money. It had quite a few cliches though. Awesome acting by androgyneous Gabriel angel chick totally ruled the movie, and the rest of it seemed like it came out of episode of Charmed minus the big hooter gals strutting about. With the exception of alot of trips to a very cool Hell. Needed much more crazy sister, les worldly cop. More sidekick, more Gabriel would have been good too. Man, I need to see some good acting. Saw previews for Fantastic Four, another popcorn flick. Saw Sin City trailer. Total Awesome! That movie looks absolutely gorgeous. Given hot dancing Alba or Invisible Woman Alba, give me hot dancing Alba action everytime.
I also loved the black and white motif of the movie, with certain characters being given certain colors. It just seems rich.

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