Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Suicide Pill Skit for Marketing

Here’s my initial idea for skit.

Bob: How was your day Gene?
Gene: Terrible, I was just diagnosed with Terminal cancer and will die in 4 months after lots of pain.
Bob: Gee, that’s horrible Gene, but I do have some good news..
Gene: I could sure use some.
Bob: Now, there’s something to get rid of those months of pain. It’s the SUICIDE PILL !
Gene: Wow, that’s great! How does it work.
Bob: You take it with a glass of water and in a few hours you’ll get sleepy. You’ll sleep like the dead, cause you’ll be dead!
Gene: Wow great, I’ll get one.
(Phone rings)
Bob: Hello?
WTC Phil: Hey Bob, I’m working late at the office here, my skyscraper is on fire and I’m going to die by being burned alive. A terrible way to go. You have anything in your desk to help me?
Bob: Why yes, I happened to have a suicide pill in my desk for just an occasion. You should never be without a suicide pill handy.
WTC Phil: Thanks Bob! (hangs up) takes pill and dies peacefully. Guy next to him looks jealous and then bursts into flame and jumps out window.
Bob: Going hiking? You could be trapped under a rock and starve to death or eaten by wolves. You should have the suicide pill handy when you’re doing risky stuff.

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