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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2005-03-14 17:24
Subject: Caving in Texas
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The last few weekends I've taken in a cavern. Two weeks ago I went to Longhorn state cavern near Burnet, and trekked around there with my friend Misty. It's a pretty neat tour, it's a river formed cavern, so there's not alot of formations, but there is alot of cave history. Plus the cave does have pretty cool calcite deposits. It's about an hour and half tour, and our tour guide was some teen-ager who talked like Bill or Ted. Among the helpful information about the cave was the 'rocks and stuff' and 'Batman was way cooler than Superman.' I kid you not. He wasn't that bad, the kids probably liked him, but not the most science oriented tour guide I've ever had. We ate at Burnet County BBQ on the way back and had a great pie and great BBQ. Misty said we had to 'Roll out' of the restaurant and I agreed, although I though it made us sound like Transfomers. We then joked our names would be 'Pie Truck and Meat Wagon'. Pie Truck, transform and Roll out! It was funny at the time, but then we were drunk on BBQ sauce.

Last weekend I went to Inner Space Cavern just off the highway north of Austin. It was a smaller cave, but still pretty cool. It was found by the highway department when they were doing rock samples to make sure the ground could hold the weight of the highway. Makes me wonder how many other caves are around this area but undiscovered. I wonder if anybody over at El Paso Production ever looked at the seismics not just for oil and gas, but for other cool stuff too. I'd love to find and commercialize a cave. I'd make a CAVE Bed and Breakfast like I saw on the travel channel once. Anyway, Inner Space cavern has alot of formations, flow stones, soda straws, and stagalmites and that kind of stuff. Not much shinny stuff, but still pretty cool.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, which is why I've been doing day trips and not on the computer posting as much.
Saw a UT baseball game yesterday and we whipped the Boilermakers. Not terribly impressed by the ballpark, especially when compared to Texas A&M's Olsen field. I mean, they don't even have grass on the baseball field, just astroturf. What kind of outdoor ballpark uses astroturf in Texas?
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Isobel de Bohun
User: belle_vivre
Date: 2005-03-14 23:43 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I love spelunking! Caves are, I think, one of the most amazing things... Theres this book, "The World and Thorinn" by Damn Knight, wherein the world is a series of caves with huge caves housing these alien worlds... bizarre and fascinating...

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