Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Louisiana Time

I'm in Baton Rouge visiting my dad after a crappy flight over here the other day in which I missed my connection and didn't make any standby flights leading me to have to scramble to get some Houston friends to give me a place to crash. All without my cell phone which I had foolishly left in my luggage, which somehow did manage to make the connecting flight and was in Baton Rouge before me. Luckily my brother in law Neal stepped up and helped put me in touch with Eve and Eric who got together and got me set up. Thanks guys.

Last night me and my dad had a crawfish boil and we cooked up about 26 pounds of crawfish, which we just finished the last of this morning with breakfast crawfish omlettes. I ate about 18 pounds I imagine, so I had a good day, as they were big, meaty, and quite tasty.

In a few minutes we'll head out to New Orleans to hang at O'Flaherty's.

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