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Dell Diamond - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2005-04-23 23:46
Subject: Dell Diamond
Security: Public
So I took in a baseball game at the Dell Diamond tonight. Holy cow, that place is the coolest baseball field ever.
It's glorious. Green grass field, play center in the back, great sound system, nice chairs, people selling funnel cakes, and seats close to the field. I'm definately a Round Rock Express fan now. My only critical comment is they charged for parking, but I guess that's what everybody does nowadays. Anyway, it was a good game. We won 2-1 over the Zephyrs. The pitching was great, and there were some pretty cool plays tonight. In addition, it was a glorious evening. It did get a bit chilly towards the end, but a very pretty day to watch an evening baseball game. If you haven't been, I heartily recommend you go tomorrow for the 2pm game.
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Kaleidoscope Eyes: Shirely Feeney
User: kaleidoscopeeye
Date: 2005-04-25 19:06 (UTC)
Subject: concerned
Keyword:Shirely Feeney
Your post from last night is gone, and I can't recall your LJ friends name, did they find her I hope?
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