Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


I have three presentations this week. 1,2,3. Marketing, HR, and Global. Ouchies.
I feel good about two I do Tuesday. I do global on Thursday and I still need to work on it alot more as I don't have anything really insightful to say about it yet. Probably re-reading the case will help a bit. It's about a Bangladesh non-profit that's almost as big as the governemnt. BRAC.
Pretty cool case, I was trying to dig up some philosophy on why people band together to do stuff, but I Couldn't remember who the right guys were. Maybe J.S. Mill. It isn't Rosseau, as he did social contract type stuff about the government.

Watched some Extreme Home Makeover as usual. Feeling a bit better on the cold front as well, I'm almost well. Mowed the grass this morning and got some exercise.

Just feeling a bit old today. My birthday's coming up next week, nothing I really want. Which is good and bad I suppose. Another year I get more set in my bachelor ways.
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