Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Fiscal responsibility
Visited with my Dad last weekend as well, we have plans for a crawfish boil the weekend of the 15th in Austin. He was laid off recently and apparently has been living way above his means. Hasn't saved a penny for a rainy day. We told him to pick up the crawfish and bring it up to Austin for the family since he was there and would be coming and we would pay for the crawfish, but he wanted gas money too. Geez. I'm sure he'll end up trying to borrow money from me if he doesn't get a job soon. He's a prime candidate for bankrupcy sometime in the future. I can't understand what the hell he spends all his money on. He has a little bitty house, he buys a new truck every two years so yeah, there's a big chunk, but that's the only thing I can see. He made like 75K a year. Boggles the mind. He's always been that way.
Me, I'm just the opposite. I try to live below my means all the time and put money in the bank for a rainy day.
There seems to be a Law of Conservation of Sanity in my family as well. As my dad has gotten saner and less alcoholic my mom has gotten crazier.

Music for me!
Mucky Duck
Tuesday, March 18, 8:30pm, $14.00

Mar 26, 8:30pm $10 Bluehouse

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