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One of the things I don't miss about the semester ending and summer is moving. Luckily I'm no longer living in a dorm, so I don't have to move out in the hot Texas sun. Nor do I have to move back in 102 degree August heat as well.

Walked around campus a bit, and met with my GUEST group that I'm a VP of today talking about events for next semester. I want to do a thing at Gina's Kitchen where we all take a class.
Fun ideas for trips and such were bandied around. We came to the conclusion that Brenham's a bit to far for a trip. I'll keep on the lookout for festivals and such in little towns.

Paid for parking for next semester at the church. Nice people at St. Austin's church. Parking is relatively cheap there too, but they are filling up so I had to make sure to get things arranged early.

Doing a bit of planning for my trip as well. I'm going down to Houston this weekend. Luckily my friend Eric is handling most of the boardgame and RPG arrangements, and letting me stay at his place. I'll see Riley for Breakfast Saturday, and hopefully Jessica sometime as well. Eve stuff will be more spontaneous maybe.

Found La Dulce Lecha or something like that again today. Nice gellato ice cream and pastry type stuff on 43rd and Duval. Ate lunch at Julio's there which is a pretty good Mexican joint. The food was quite tasty.

Watched The Contender I had taped today. I like Gomez. Ah well.

I also looked over the specs of the next generation gaming consoles and stuff at E3. Read some misc. news. Looks like I'll probably be sticking with a PS3 when I upgrade.

I had a discussion on what I was looking for with a friend recently, and they narrowed down all my qualifications to 'A Beautiful Mind, and a Caring Heart' which sums it up pretty well I think. My biggest turn off is probably intolerance. I think that goes for friends as well as potential girlfriends. I'm somewhat shy, so I tend to develop a rather small circle of good friends rather than a large circle of more shallow friendships. I'm working on being more sociable, so hopefully things will work out better as I improve.

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