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I am back from a great visit to Houston. I played Dark Matter with Eric as DM, Katie, Joseph, and Pat on Friday night.

The drive down was very nice, and Eric's house was easy to find with good directions. He lives very close to his old apartment. He has a nice big house, with a Beowulf inspired living room. Tall ceiling, railing from the second floor hallway, big picture windows that frame a center chiminey and then narrow to a point towards the top. Very church like windows. Then swords and shields hanging around the place. Still, a very nice house and the backyard has a great deck as well.

Friday night we played Dark Matter (think X-files), and I got to be a special guest alien. I played John Dawn, a amnesiac photographer who wakes up in the hospital after he dies in a car accident. Very highlanderish. Of course it took the guys awhile to get to me because they are the worst infiltrators ever. One would think they would get into my room deliving flowers, candy, or pizza, but their big plan was to say 'Hey, she was injured too and now is healed! We're miracles too, let us stay with the other miracle guy!' after one of them got out of a wheelchair. It was quite funny how the group was. Then they got in a shooting match with the guys next door who were spying on me, and instead of letting the police and the spys duke it out, they decided they wanted to be a third player in shooting gallery. So everybody was shooting at them for a while, and they weren't bullet proof. I got to run away with one of them who had the good sense to just act regular, of course that was until we made it too the basement. Then the really bad guys showed up to get me and she went all firestarter on their asses. Several piles of ash later I was 'I'll do whatever you want, just don't set me on fire lady.' Which involved piling up the other players on a stretcher, stealing an ambulance, and driving back to their base. So good night. For an X-files kinda game, they were very frontal assault happy.

Saturday I had breakfast with Rilee, and traded some games with him. I gave him guild wars and got warcraft from him, so I now have warcraft, I just have to install it and use a game card I bought. I'm thinking I'll wait until I'm in Springfield to play though. Hung out with Jessica and her fiance Joe, ate at Goody Tacqueria and had good fajhitas.

Sunday I played boardgames all day with Eve and Katie and Joseph and Eric again. We played some Ra, Guillotine, a far too long game of Empire Builder (railroad game), and some dice and misc. games as well. Empire Builder takes forever to play with 5 people, and as it's not a terribly interactive game it got kinda dull towards the end. We should probably have played something else between turns or just skipped it, but a few folks hadn't played it in forever and so I gave in.

Chatted with Eric about his future plans. He's somewhat undecided about whether to stay or go to school in Amsterdam soon, so we chatted about that and my plans for after school as well.

Looking at my travel plans for next week, looks like I may need to be leaving the first or second. I go up to OKC and then turn right, just a 10 hour drive Google tells me. Google Maps by the way is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. Totally blows away the competition.

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