Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a great weekend with my Mom visiting and playing with Lance. Ate tons of good food and we did shopping trips to Sams and Home Depot a few times. Yesterday Neil cooked up some of the best trout I've ever had on the grill. It was super, a real gourmet meal. I broke out my capers to compliment the dish and that really put the finishing touches on.

We ate a Mongolian Grill the other day too, where you stack your bowl with meats and veggies and they grill it up for you on this big grill anvil looking thing about the size of a monster truck tire. That was pretty tasty too. They had a place like that in Houston called Fire and Ice near Kirby but it closed down.

Tonight there's a real beautiful lightning storm outside. I hope it doesn't get much more than a light show tonight. It's calming to go outside and watch the lightning flicker among the clouds and see them swirl around, especially when it's calm outside like tonight.

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