Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


I watched a 45 minute program without any speaking today called Sunrise, Earth on the Discovery HD channel. It was very pretty. Basically, they just film nature with HD cameras and then switch places every 5 minutes or so in an area. Today they were in Yellowstone National Park, so lots of pictures of steaming pools and little bubbling geysers. Very relaxing and meditative.

I'm thinking about getting my eyes checked before I leave. I've had these glasses for years and things are starting to get not quite as crisp far away as they used to be. I hate eye exams though because I really have to go outside and use the glasses to see if they are any good, and not many eye docs have windows to look out, so I have to be a pain in the ass and ask if I can go look outside with those temporary carnival mask looking glasses they put the vision test lenses in.
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