Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend Update

So Friday night I had a very nice time on a first date. The bad news is she was just visiting town so the second date won't be anytime soon. I got to be a wild and crazy guy, or as wild and crazy as I get, which isn't very.

I discovered I haven't been out in a very long time. They totally redid City Streets and don't have the Stray Cat's lounge with the two pianos like Pat O'Brian's anymore. I loved that! Now it's a karoke bar, which is fine, but there are tons of other karoke bars in the city, but no piano bars!
And they turned the old karoke bar into a pool room! Pool! Like there aren't any of those places in the city either. I also discovered the city is so cheap, they turn the Wall of Water off at 10pm, and they now have carriage rides there.

Saturday I relaxed. I ended up playing my PS2 most of the day since my friend Rilee lent me some games. I don't want to keep them too long so I'm making an honest effort to get through them.

Today will be another relaxing day. I plan to play more PS2, eat pizza, take a walk in the park, and go to the mall and do laundry. Fun, Fun, Fun.

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