Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend update

Friday morning was a beautiful day, so I hiked a bit around the trails of Wilson's Creek. Well, actually only one trail, the one from Bloody Hill to see the monument where Gen. Lyons was killed. Nice stroll, and pretty cannons along the way. I was amused they were made in Springfield, MASS. Worked the rest of the day.. Friday evening I went and ate at Colton's steakhouse and got a big T-bone as I was hungry and feeling like munching on meat as is my right at the top of the food chain. Steak was tasty, but not super good. The place reminds me a bit of Saltgrass in decor and food.

Saturday morning I tooled around Springfield exploring in my car, did some shopping for a cell phone battery as my cell phone had given up the ghost. I left my charger at work too, so I wasn't using the phone much. That afternoon I had coffee at the Mudhouse ended up playing M:TG with a new friend. All in all a very enjoyable day.

Yesterday I went to Branson, and I saw the Spirit of the Dance show, which was worth the money but not great, and then went over to the Stone Hill Winery for tasting. I had a tour that concluded in tasted all their stuff, but didn't end up buying anything because it just wasn't the right kind of wine for my tastebuds. I also saw the travelling Vietnam Wall display, as last weekend was a big Vietnam vet celebration at Branson.

The Ozark countryside on the way there is really pretty. Nice hills with rock outcroppings similar to Austin, but different and more rocky and not as much shale type stuff. Somewhere along the way this weekend I also got my PS2 hooked up, and started a bit of Shadow Hearts:Covenant.

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