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Yay for Pep Boys! They called a wrecker who tried to jump my car with a battery pack, which I told them wouldn't work, and I was correct. Then they got out the big guns, some massive jumper cables that they pluged into the side of their semi sized tow truck and varoom! Car back in action, so I took it to Pep boys and they checked the electical system and all I needed was a new battery. No charge for the jump/tow. Great service all around. So I'm in a bit better mood today. I went and saw Fantastic Caverns today, and while nice and cool to be able to ride around in a little tram in, not so Fantastic. The caves around Austin are much cooler, this was a plain jane cave without many formations. Still that place makes the buckage. Fifteen bucks for a ticket and the cars were sold out for a few tours so I had to wait. Not a bad job. I've sometimes wondered if I had money, it would probably be feasible to get seismic from the oil companies, look for caves, and commercialze them. But alas, I am not money laden yet.

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