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Well Well Well

I don't have the Harry Potter book, though I'll probably get it soon. Everyone on my flist has is, so I'm being different! I'll get to it eventually. Much like Sci-Fi Friday, which my VCR decided not to tape. I forgot for some odd reason the one I brought up here has to be off to tape scheduled programs. Stupid VCR. So I'll have to catch the repeats sometime.

Played in the Battlegrounds (Warsong Gulch) yesterday in WOW and had a blast. I could definately see just playing in there from 25-30, but my gear would get dated. I've never been much for CTF stuff, but it's pretty fun here. I do think it's stupid you're still flagged PVP oustide the entrance after the game, so higher levels have to babysit so some level 60 paladin doesn't come and grief the whole crew waiting for the next instance.

Weekend update - I did get to go to the Skinny Improv Friday night! Yay! I went with some folks from work, but they took off right after the show. They did have to work Saturday, but I mean come on. Had a glass of port at the Mudlounge afterward. Nice place as well.
The first improv show was great, and then they let you come back for the second 'competition' show later for free if you saw the first show, but the second show apparently has their second stringers and wasn't as good. Still I am mightly impressed that there's such a talented group in scenic Springfield, MO. There's apparently a hoolie / craic at the Panera bread company on Monday for irish music. I need to find a cowbell so I can sit in, or a tamborine, or those wooden sticks you hit together but I'll probably just watch.

I got my digital Camera. State of the art, Cannon SD500 I believe. 7 megapixels, video, all that jazz, and pocket sized. Spiffy.

My great uncle Walter passed away. He was one of our Austrian relatives, and one of the nicer men I've ever known.

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