Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Poker Master

woo hoo! I won my first money at online poker. I placed 4th in a 45 person $1 sit and go and won $4! go me

In other news, I watched the Lancester today. He likes to be thrown on the bed and when I rub my fuzzy head on his tummy he makes happy little squealy laughs. Good fun. He like the bubbles from the bubble wand, but he can't make them himself, so I need to get him a bubble gun or something. He gets mad that he can't figure out how to make the bubbles come out, but apparently blowing is too hard a concept for him yet.

Put my computer back together again, and I even played a bit of WoW. I'm sure my 2 month game card is due to expire any second, but it was nice playing it a bit.

I need to mow the grass tomorrow, and look into buying books.
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