Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Misc. Weekend-y stuff

Prof. Steven Tomlinson's play is something I'm going to go see. The may taught economics and was such a moving teacher that I can't imagine anything he written won't be profound. He's one of those rare 'O Captain, my Captain!' type of teachers.

Eve visited this weekend and we hung out Saturday, had some yummy steaks, looked over pictures from my tiny insignificant park, and watched the lake and some TV. Good times. We also had a nice breakfast at Freda's seafood restaurant before she had to amscray. I'm glad somebody came up to visit me.

Discovered there's more to Lakeway than I thought including a bunch of stuff.

Being home is nice, as is easing back into school. Starts up on Wednesday, but I'm catching up on my school e-mail and there's some stuff I need to handle, plus buying books and stuff.

I'm not looking to going back to school, not for the school or homework, but for the uncertainity this year will bring. We have to start looking for jobs when we graduate, and there's still such a wide variety of things I can see myself doing it's somewhat overwhelming. I just hope after all is said and done I'll find a good position that's a fit for where I am in life.

I also wanted to say I like New Orleans, please don't let it be wiped off the map.
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